Fishing not recommended at this time

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The Sun Pass State Road is closed; therefore, there is only walk or bike in access. Fishing not recommended at this time. 

Open to fishing all year but closed to fishing for bull trout. Only bull trout occur in upper Sun Creek just above the Sun Pass Forest bridge crossing. Fishing is not recommended at this time as fish density remains low. Recent electrofishing found low number of brook trout, brown trout and redband trout. The largest fish was 11 inches. Fish size and density remain low. 

Redband trout were reintroduced to Sun Creek in 2016 and 2017. These redband trout were small, most are less than 4 inches, and salvaged from the Wood River irrigation system. ODFW encourages release of all redband trout. The Sun Creek channel has been rerouted into the historic channel and is connected to the Wood River below Kimball State Park.

If you fish here, make sure you know your fish species really well. If you don’t know then let it go. Check stream level.

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