CPW Asking for Public Comment on Possible Northeast Duck Hunting Season Changes

CPW wants to hear from duck hunters on proposed season date changes
Photo Credit: CPW

by Colorado Parks & Wildlife

DENVER, Colo. - Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking for public input on proposed changes to the Northeast Duck Zone season dates. These changes would be for the 2023-24 hunting season and allow for better late-season hunting opportunities.

The northeast duck season is historically split into segments, with the first segment starting in early October through the Thanksgiving weekend. The second portion starts the week before Christmas and runs through the end of January.

CPW is proposing to move the start of the first season segment a week later to mid-October, and the second season segment would start a week earlier, now two weeks before Christmas. The ending season dates would stay the same.

The public can use a comment form and share perspectives through Feb. 26. CPW will also be conducting a statewide survey of duck hunters in the coming months to glean a representative picture of duck hunter preferences and priorities. Feedback from the public is a key tool in helping to shape CPW's wildlife management recommendations.

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