The majority of the Fall Chinook run is above the estuary

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fall Chinook fishing remains slow on the Siuslaw and Lake Creek. The recent rains have moved the bulk of the fish up into the rivers, but the fishing is still a bit on the slow side. More rain in the forecast should get fish moving again before the run starts to wind down typically by mid-November.



There is no wild coho retention in the Siuslaw for the 2021 season. Please practice good catch-and-release for wild coho, keep them in the water and release immediately. 

Trout fishing in streams closed on Oct. 31. 

The wild coho fishery on Tillamook Bay closed after Oct. 13. There is NO retention of wild coho on the North coast bays or rivers (including jacks) for the remainder of 2021. 

The majority of the Fall Chinook run is above the estuary, but there will still be a few bright fish moving through the bay this month. Pressure should be light this time of year.

The park remains closed to visitors and fisherman alike during the weekdays. We are still open on weekends. We will...... Read More