The Carson Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is open in time for the Youth Waterfowl hunt which kicks off this weekend!

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The Carson Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is open in time for the Youth Waterfowl hunt which kicks off this weekend! We have some important updates for you to ensure you have a safe and successful season:
Vehicle Access: Due to some flooding this season, there are changes to vehicle access points at Carson Lake WMA. You can enter through the main Greenhead entrance, the corrals off Pasture Road, Schaffer Lane, and Pitt Road. Livestock grazing is occurring on the WMA, so please close all gates behind you.
Boat Launches: As conditions allow, boat launches are available on the north end of the property (please see map). Be aware that water depths have changed significantly this year, with some areas reaching depths of up to 5 feet. Be very cautious of water hazards like downed fences, t-posts, dry dikes, and any floating or submerged debris from the flood.
Safety First: For your safety, vehicle access on the new berm is prohibited. Please do not drive beyond any road closure signs and barricades, as many roads are still underwater. We want everyone to stay safe out there!
Stay Updated: As the season progresses, we'll keep an eye on conditions and add more access points, parking areas, and boat launches if possible. Keep an eye on our updates for the latest info.
Best of luck this hunting season. Stay safe out there and enjoy your time at Carson Lake WMA!

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